We're Brett and Kara Phillips, the husband and wife team behind Fort Worth boutique building and real estate company, High Street Homes. 

Our story starts right where you might be today – dreaming of a home that fits your lifestyle, tastes, and budget. We built that first home of ours in 2011, a little over a year after our wedding. We learned a lot through the process – like how important it is to have a clear vision for your project before you start. And how long the days feel when you’re living at your parents’ house for months on end. And how crucial it is to work with a builder who is not only competent but also willing to dream a little with you.

Mostly, though, we learned that we make a great team and could help a lot of other couples like us build fresh, stylish homes that express who they are and what they value.

Since launching High Street Homes in May of 2012 we’ve built homes for some of the best people we know, started a real estate division to help clients buy and sell dream homes, and had two cute kids along the way.

With generational roots in the local real estate community, we are so proud of the neighborhoods we are helping to build—one purpose, one family, one home at a time. 


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