Here’s how to partner with us on your custom home project: 


Step 1.  The List

We work with a limited number of custom home clients per year to offer the most personalized experience possible. Sign up to be placed on our Interest List here. Share the basics of your project with us by completing the web form. 

Step 2. The Chat

Once we have you on our Interest List, we’ll determine if we have the capacity to work with you during your specified time. If we do, we’ll set up a time to chat by phone to discuss your vision, budget, and timeline, and recommend additional resources such as architects or lenders.

Most importantly, we’ll use this call to discuss expectations – the support you can expect from us throughout your build, and what we’ll need from you to make this a successful partnership. 

Step 3. The Sit-Down

Important family matters are best discussed at the dinner table; the specifics of your custom home are no different!

If you select us to bid on your project, our next step will be to host you at our home for a fun, yet strategic, conversation around our dinner table.

We’ll review your plans, ask you loads of questions about your goals and lifestyle, and offer advice on flow, lighting, and design choices to ensure your space will work for your real life.

By the end of the night, we’ll have everything we need to present you with a bid in two-to-three weeks. 

Step 4. The Proposal

After our meeting, we’ll contact our network of vetted trades and suppliers and compile a detailed cost estimate for your project based on the agreed scope. Sent to you via email, the proposal will account for every nook and cranny of your custom home.

We’ll discuss the finer points of the estimate, finalize our agreement, and sign the contract in person during a follow-up meeting. 

Step 5. The Approval

While we don’t offer construction home financing, we can recommend local lenders we’ve worked with in the past to make this step as seamless as possible. 

The final step will be just the beginning. With our agreement and your financing in place, we’ll break ground and start building your home. 

Step 6. The Start