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A peek into our design process.

The last few months have been spent working hard on the design phase of some renovation projects we will be kicking off later this month.

After six years in business, we realized our design + build process needed to change.  We found that each element, the design and the build, should stand separately, and that by separating each service, we are better able to meet the needs of our clients. We are often asked if we take on small projects and our answer is: we don’t take on projects, we take on clients! Your project could be as simple as a single room refresh or as extensive as a total home renovation. If we believe we are a good fit, we’re up for the creative challenge! 

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Designing a better utility room

The utility room. I’ve always felt this room is overlooked when it comes to designing or renovating a home.  It’s often approached as a missing puzzle piece to cobble a floorplan together rather than a thoughtfully designed room in it’s own right to make home more purpose-built.

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A Brick Decision

When Brett and I decided on painted brick for the exterior of our house, we thought it was just a matter of choosing the color…Oh how we were wrong! The level of detail that goes into painted brick is surprising.


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